World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day

Feb 4, 2022

Today is the National World Cancer Day so we wanted to highlight one of our amazing Laced Foundation Recipients.

Meet Kelly,

Kelly is a recipient of the Laced Hair Foundation

Kelly is a mother, a 17 year breast cancer survivor, a warrior and an inspiration to us all. 

 She was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at 42 years old. She underwent 95 treatments. 8 chemo's, 25 radiations, and was on a test drug once a week for an entire year after chemo. Because of all her treatments she unfortunately lost all her hair. 

"It's incredibly traumatic to be in chemo being sick, and on top of that you lose your hair and feel very uncomfortable about that." -Kelly

It took her about 8 months to have her hair start to come back. But it is still not fully grown in so she has our Laced Hair extensions in so her hair looks full. She loves her extensions and says "It feels really good to have extensions, it makes me feel like i want to have my picture taken."

Kelly is just one of the many stories behind the Laced Hair Foundation. So many women lose their hair due to medical issues. And we have made it a priority here at Laced to help these women feel confident, empowered, and feel like themselves again.



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