February Hairoscope

February Hairoscope

Feb 7, 2022

You are still in Hermit mode. February is a time for reflection and change. Consider changing things up and try out a new hairstyle this month.

Pisces are in a phase of reflection and transition. This month is a very transitional month for pisces. It's time to cut off those toxic people that would disrupt your peace. And while you're at it cut your hair too.

You are feeling uncertain this month. With so much out of your control you turn to your routines and norms. Try to get in a routine with you hair this month to keep things moving.

The past month has been a reckoning of sorts—a confrontation with old ideologies that have kept you inexperienced and unexposed to other possibilities. Now you get to dream new dreams and trudge new paths. Try a haircut or hair color you normally wouldn't go for.

This month is all about healing and taking care of yourself. Your hair is not excluded. Focus on healing both internally and externally. Book a hair appointment this month and focus on self care.

You are getting into a new relationship or are just getting out of one. February is all about the transition in your romantic relationships.It is not a month to change yourself but rather be grounded in who you are despite the changes around you.It is not a month to change up your hair.

It can feel hard to try to captivate every room and conversation at all times. This month you feel drained from giving too much of yourself to others. Focus on you and what you want. This is a time to not care what others think, do your hair and your life the way you want.

You have been hustling and putting the work in these past few months. Remember to not take everything too seriously and have fun. Incorporate some fun with you hair this month, Spend more time doing your hair in the morning and try out some new hairstyles.

This is month is all about letting go. You have been holding on to something for a while now. It is now time to let go and move on. This month would be a good month to get a new blunt dramatic haircut.

It is in a Scorpios nature to be spontaneous. However this month is all about restraint. Restrain from the urge to make drastic decisions like drastically changing your hair. Focus on the small and simple things.

You have been underestimating and doubting yourself. This month is the time to trust yourself and your intuition. Trust your own decisions with you hair this month. You know you better than you think you do.

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