Laced Hair Color Collection
Laced Hair Color Collection
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Color Collection

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Color matching made easy with our professional color ring! Made of 100% Remy Human Hair blended to ensure you get the perfect match! 

  • 34 color swatches of 12” hair
  • Easily add individual swatches to your ring when we release new colors
  • Easy to store or display

Comes with  the following colors - 

  • #1, #1B, #2, #2A, #4, #5, #6, #8, #10, #30, #33, #35, #99J, #32, #60, #613, D10/16, D16/22, D18/22, D1B/5, D4/8, D8/60, OM1B/5, OM2/10/16, OM3/8, OM8/613, R1B/D4/8, R2/D18/22, R2A/6, R4/D10/16, R6/32, R6/D8/60, R8/60, R8/D16/22

*Our hair is organically dyed and the color may slightly vary from batch to batch

*Color rings on display may fade over time, especially if left in direct sunlight

Laced Hair Scrunchies (3-Pack)

Laced Hair Scrunchies (3-Pack)


Laced Hair Extension Clips

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Laced Cape



Laced Hair 2 in 1 Tool

Laced Hair 2 in 1


Laced Hair Tape-In Extension Organizer

Tape-In Extension Organizer


Laced Hair Wet-N-Dry Extension Safe Detangling Brush

Wet-N-Dry Extension Safe Detangling Brush


Laced Hair "Life is Short" Large Extension Safe Detangling Brush

"Life is Short"


Laced Hair Weaving Comb

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Laced Hair Cutting Comb

Cutting Comb


Laced Hair Hanger



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