Reasons to Become Laced Hair Certified in the New Year

Reasons to Become Laced Hair Certified in the New Year

Dec 9, 2020

Hair extensions are becoming more and more popular and are in high demand. At Laced Hair Extensions, we offer multiple different online and in person classes that will teach you how to properly install hand tied and machine sewn wefts. Here are some reasons to become Laced Hair certified in the New Year.

High Return on Investment

One amazing pro of offering hair extensions is they usually have a high return on investment. This means that the hair extensions cost loss than what you can charge to install them. The install isn’t the only lucrative part of putting in extensions as well. Installing extensions involves cutting, blending and shaping as well. Hand tied and machine sewn weft can only be installed by hairstylists. However, clients will also come in to have clip-ins be installed, so they can learn how to install them themselves. You can also charge for the installation of clip-ins and the blending and cutting of them. Overall, extensions are a smart way to make big on your investment returns.

Maintenance Every 5-8 Weeks

Another reason why hair extension installations are one of the most profitable salon services is because of the maintenance they require. Tape-in, hand tied and machine sewn weft extensions all require move-ups every 5 to 8 weeks since the hair starts to grow out and the extensions move down. This leads to consistent returns from clients to reapply their extensions which is something you can charge for. In the end, the price to stock up on extensions is small in comparison to the return.

Satisfied Clients

Right now, hair extensions are one of the most sought after hair services you can offer. Long and thick hair is in, and hair extensions give just that. They give the dream hair your clients have been wanting. With extensions, your client will leave your salon feeling confident and beautiful with a desire to come back for more of that feeling.

To sign up for a Laced Academy class to get certified, follow this link:

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