3 Reasons to Mix Laced Hair Extension Methods at your Next Appointment

3 Reasons to Mix Laced Hair Extension Methods at your Next Appointment

Dec 7, 2020

Whether it’s to fill gaps in your hair or frame your face with bangs, mixing hair extension methods is the way to go. Here are some reasons to mix Laced Hair Extensions methods at your next appointment.

Use Tape-Ins to Fill Gaps

Next time you get machine sewn or hand tied weft extensions, try using tape-ins to fill in the gaps. When you get wefts, the hairstylists try to blend the extensions with your normal hair since the wefts are so long. Since tape-ins are shorter on the top, they are perfect for areas where your hair might be thinner. Using tape-ins for filler pieces will make your hair look more full and natural. If you already have clip-in extensions, it also might be a good idea to try using those for filler pieces as well.

Blend Bangs to Frame Your Face

Another thing you can do with tape-ins after getting machine sewn or hand tied weft extensions would be add more hair around the face area to help blend bangs. Oftentimes, hair framing the face can be thinner and not as full. Adding hair around the face will give more to work with when blending bangs. If you are wanting more full bangs to frame your face, you should definitely try this at your next appointment.

Add Different Methods for Dimension

If you like to have dimensional hair with different complimenting colors, this is for you. At Laced Hair Extensions, we encourage stylists to learn how to tone extensions, but not to dye them. After an install, sometimes you have extra pieces. You can use those pieces to add color dimension in your hair. That would give you the look you desire without dying extensions while giving you fuller hair.

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