Dec 27, 2021

Have some doubts about getting our Interlaced or regular tape-ins in your hair? Worry no more! With the right removal and stylist, tape-ins are completely harmless for your hair. Here are some reasons why tape-ins do not damage your hair.


When looking for a stylist to install your tape-in extensions, make sure you find one that is Laced Hair Extensions certified. A stylist that is certified will know that process of how to install the extensions correctly and remove them correctly. This will help protect your hair. Do not try to install tape-ins or take them out by yourself if you are not qualified to do so.


With the right stylist comes the right removal. When you have picked a stylist who is qualified to install the extensions, they are usually qualified to remove them as well. With the Laced Hair removal liquid for tape-ins, it makes the removal process completely damage free. Just make sure you are getting them removed by someone qualified.

Unlike clip-ins, tape-ins should be handled with more care during the removal process because of the tape that bonds the extension and the hair. Make sure you are not taking the installation and removal of tape-ins lightly. If you do that, there is no need to worry about damaging your hair. Plus, tape-ins are the best choice of extension for some, so it is definitely something to consider.

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