How To Do A Salon Blowout at Home

How To Do A Salon Blowout at Home

Jan 14, 2022

How to Do A Salon Blowout at Home: 

We have all seen blowouts make a huge comeback this past year. Beachwaves aren't the only vibe this year!  And who doesn’t want that Cindy Crawford 90's fluff anyway??

So the question isn’t “Do you want a 90's blowout” It’s “How do you do a 90's blowout”!

Don’t worry we got you covered! And NO you don’t need a Dyson to do it ✔️

Supplies Needed:

Round Brush, Blow Dryer, Hairspray.

To start you are going to want to wash your hair for optimal results. Once your hair is washed, do a rough dry over your hair. Again it’s just a rough dry so your hair is not soaking wet, but don’t fully dry it.

From there you will section off your hair by layers. Start from the bottom and get your round brush and hair dryer ready. Move the round brush in a circular motion twisting the hair outwards. Use the hair dryer on the hair you are twisting. 

Keep doing that for every section and piece of hair. If you want an extra curly blowout you can always pull out your curling iron and add a few big curls. Once you’ve finished blow drying/curling your hair run your fingers through your hair put some hairspray in your hair and you are 90's ready 😉

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