Why Laced Hair?

Why Laced Hair?

Mar 8, 2022

There are plenty of other hair extension brands out there. So why Laced?

Not only is our hair 100% pure remy hair of the highest quality. And not only have we been around for 12 years. At Laced we do more than just sell our hair. As in our mission statement we are the go-to brand for extension products, education for stylists, and helping women feel beautiful and confident.

Our CEO Lacy started in the extension world over 20 year ago grandfathering many methods we see today. She started off as a celebrity stylist and is seen as an extension guru in the hair world. With her experience she has much knowledge to share which is why education is very important to our company. We educate stylists on the most up to date hair extensions methods to help grow their skill and their business.

With a woman CEO and 95% female employees, our company is all about Female empowerment. We empower women everyday to be brave and to be bold. But we especially empower women through our non profit foundation. The Laced Hair Foundation was created to empower women who are suffering from hair loss. When women lose their hair whether it's from a medical issue or a domestic violence issue it can take a toll. We want to give these women hope and the opportunity to get their hair back so they can start feeling like themselves again. You can nominate anyone and if selected they get a free pack of hair, and a free installation. 


Yes we have the best hair out there for luxury hair extensions. But we are so much more than that.

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