Laced X FAQ

Laced X FAQ

Mar 23, 2022

What products do you offer?

●      Hand Tied Wefts (Laced by Hand) - Available in: Straight or Waved

●      Machine Sewn Wefts - Available in: Straight or Waved

●      Halfsies (Half packs of Hand Tied or Machine Sewn Wefts) - Available in: Straight

●      Tape-In - Available in: Straight or Waved

●      Interlaced Tape-In (Invisible Tape-Ins) - Available in: Straight

●      I-Tip - Available in: Straight

●      Keratin Bond - Available in: Straight

●      Clip-In (I Do ● Clip-Ins) - Available in: Straight

●      Tools & Accessories for Extension Application

●      Laced Brand Merchandise


When will items be back in stock?

We are constantly getting new shipments in, and we don’t always have an exact date. To receive an email notification when your favorite items return to stock, simply fill out the  “ITEM OUT OF STOCK- NOTIFY ME” form on the product page. 

How do I care for my hair extensions? 

 For best results, we recommend the following when caring for your extensions:

  • Use only sulfate-free and paraben-free products 
  •  Avoid products containing alcohol, oil or ethanol 
  • Use salon grade products, meaning you purchased them from your salon. Not all products are extension compatible 
  • Use spray leave-in-conditioner or moisturizer on extensions to keep from tangling or drying out 
  • Braid extensions before sleeping or bed 
  • Sleep on silk pillow
  • Brush regularly (while brushing, hold base of scalp where the extensions adhere to the natural hair with opposite hand)


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