Which training is right for me?!

Which training is right for me?!

Sep 13, 2022
Take our word for it… With summer winding down and fall coming in, there’s no better time than NOW to take the leap and develop the skill you’ve had your eye on! We all know the craziness of the holiday rush is juuuust around the corner, and Laced Academy is here to help you KILL the rest of 2022 and bring in your year end income goal🤑
We've launched a week long sale on ALL our trainings to set you up for success the rest of this year, and those to come🥂
Not sure which training is right for you? No worries! We've prepped a guide for you below.

For the trailblazers…

Keratin extensions were Lacy's very first love. It’s no secret that hair services come and go popularity wise, but her most loyal keratin clients have been solid for the past 20 years, with optimal hair health. Trust us - keratin clients get HOOKED. Considering how similar the strategy and placement of keratin is to I-tip, it only made sense to offer 2 for 1 and double certify stylists looking to enter the world of individual extensions! If you’re ready to offer your clients unmatched levels of blend and movement, and customize every aspect of their install, Keratin & I-Tip 101 is for YOU! Catch Lacy in Nashville in January, or certify online with our brand new Keratin 101 course!

For the beginner babes…

beaded weft
Beaded Weft 101 is the PERFECT introduction into the extension world! These trainings are intended for stylists of all levels of extension experience, so even if you’ve never touched a weft before, this class is for you! Beaded Weft 101 certifies stylists of all levels in both handtied and machine sewn wefts! Our next Beaded Weft 101 classes are coming up in Portland, Concord, Salt Lake City, Iowa, and Houston! If these locations aren't convenient, don't worry... We have our Beaded Weft Bundle certification and Machine Sewn 101 to get you extension-ready at home!

For the weft lovers…

interLACED Weft
interLACED Weft 201 is for the stylists who’ve got beaded wefts under their belt, but are ready to master another installation technique! Every flip-up you see on social media has a method behind the madness, and perfecting this method requires extreme attention to detail and mastery of wefts, so previous beaded weft certification is a prerequisite to this course. Stylists ready to take on this method can get certified in Phoenix, Houston, Portland, Concord, and Salt Lake City!

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