Your November HAIRoscope is here!

Your November HAIRoscope is here!

Nov 4, 2022

Check out what your sign is in for this month...


With the stress of the holiday season approaching, don't forget to be kind to yourself. Treat yourself to an early holiday present and buy yourself some new hair.


Treat yourself this month and make self-soothing part of your daily routine. Invest in a new haircare regimen to add to your daily routine.


This month has you feeling like calling in sick and escaping for a little while. Put your hair in a braid and take the weekend to relax and reset in nature.


Friends will become a big priority this month, don't forget it's okay to be selfish sometimes. Be selfish and treat yourself to a blowout, you deserve it!


This is a great month to experiment with your beauty routine. Try something new with your hair, either a new color, cut or style to switch things up.


Schedule time for yourself this month to rest and regroup during this busy season. Get a new hair masque to try on your relaxation day.


This is a big month of change for you, be ready for it because it's exciting. Get a new haircut and embrace the change that is happening this month.


This is your month so accept all the good energy that is coming your way. Treat yourself this month for an early/belated birthday present, fresh set of extensions maybe?


If you're in a rut with your daily routine, this is a great time to start something new. Get your hair done to help you look & feel your best this month.


Have a little fun this month, investing in yourself and your hobbies will feel good. Enroll for that Laced Academy course you've been looking at, level up your practice!


You've been itching to revamp your space around you for a little change. Might as well revamp your hair while you're at it, try a new color this month!


This month brings major change in your life which can be scary, don't let it be. Put your hair in a powerful ponytail to deal with all the upcoming change with confidence.

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