Keratin - Your Next Extension Obsession

Keratin - Your Next Extension Obsession

Aug 25, 2022

In the ever changing world of hair extensions, it can seem impossible to keep up with all the trends and new methods, even for the most dedicated extension enthusiast. Luckily, that's what we're here for love.🥰

Keratin extensions have been around for decades, but demand for this method has skyrocketed over the past year due to the benefits and convenience of this celebrity-favorite method. For stylists looking to provide the ultimate VIP extension experience (and clients wanting to experience it), look no further! With the most natural appearance and most comfortable feel of any extension on the market, not to mention the least maintenance, keratin extensions are here to take your extension expertise to the next level✨

We're extra excited about this method right now, cause we have a MASSIVE keratin surprise and freebies headed your way this Monday!

Without further ado, here's EVERYTHING you need to know about your newest hair obsession!


What are keratin bond extensions?
  • A long time celebrity favorite, keratin extensions feature a small bundle of hair, attached at the top with a small hardened tip made of keratin, the same protein that makes up hair, nails, and skin.

How are keratin extensions applied?
  • To apply keratin extensions, the keratin tip is carefully heated until malleable, then formed to adhere to a small section of hair close to the scalp.

Where can I get certified in keratin extensions?
  • Laced Academy offers multiple options for keratin extension certification: either our in-person Keratin & I-Tip 101 training, or our online Keratin 101 course, coming 8/29!

How long do keratin extensions last?
  • Keratin extensions last the longest of any extension method, boasting a full 3-5 MONTH period in between installations.

Why choose keratin extensions?
  • We’re glad you asked! Keratin extensions offer the most movement and customization options of ANY method on the market. Due to the individual strand application, stylists are able to customize every aspect of the installation, with unlimited color combinations and precise placement of volume. Keratin extensions are extremely comfortable and versatile, and fit even the most active updo lifestyle.
Can I combine keratin extensions with other methods?
  • Yes, we highly recommend it! Keratin extensions are the perfect frontal addition to any beaded weft installation. They’re the perfect tool for adding fullness wherever you need, and blend like a dream.

How many bags of keratin extensions do I need?
  • Each bag of keratin bond extensions comes with 20 pieces. For clients desiring only small pops of fullness, a few bags may be sufficient, but for clients looking to add both length and fullness, 5-7 bags is standard. For clients with particularly thick hair, this number may approach 10-11 bags.

How does pricing compare between other methods?
  • Applying keratin extensions is a time intensive process, so clients should expect to invest more in the application, but in the long run, pricing is a draw compared to wefts, as no maintenance appointments are needed. 

Do keratin extensions damage natural hair?
  • When applied correctly by a certified professional, keratin extensions are extremely safe, and preserve hair health.

How are keratin extensions removed?
  • In order to remove keratin extensions, apply adhesive remover to each individual bond and allow to soak. After a short period of time, bonds should be easily broken with a stainless steel flat tool and then carefully removed from natural hair. For extra sticky bonds, remover may need to be applied multiple times.

Needless to say, keratin extensions are the IT girl of the extension world, and we're so excited to bring you top notch keratin education AND hair extensions. Keep your eyes peeled 8/29 for some insane freebies!👀

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