Aug 17, 2022

The Laced Hair Foundation exists to restore confidence to women experiencing hair loss due to difficulties of any kind, arming them to face whatever challenges come their way. Over one third of women experience significant hair loss throughout their lifetime, whether due to medical conditions, hormonal changes surrounding pregnancy, the stress of traumatic events, or aging. Regardless of cause, hair loss has been found to have catastrophic effects on women’s self perception and confidence, adversely affecting their ability to function, let alone feel their best, in everyday life.

In 2015, Lacy Gadegaard (our Founder and CEO) was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Upon her admission to the University of Utah Neuro Unit, she began infusion treatments, resulting in the loss of 70% of her hair. While there, she spent time with countless women enduring aggressive treatments for cancer and autoimmune diseases. In discussion with these women, Lacy found that nearly every single woman expressed a desire for hair extensions, while few could afford this luxury purchase due to the magnitude of their medical expenses. 

Right then and there, the Laced Hair Foundation was born, with the ultimate goal of helping the women who need it the most feel their best. Our mission is to gift hair extensions, along with a luxury salon experience, to these women, and empower them to approach everyday life with restored confidence and a head of beautifully full hair.

If you or a loved one is suffering from hair loss, please fill out our nomination form HERE.


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