Our New interLACED Weft - Everything You Need To Know

Our New interLACED Weft - Everything You Need To Know

Aug 10, 2022

We've been keeping a secret... Something BIG is coming. 

Get ready to experience the extension that breaks all the rules 08.15.22.

Created to bring you effortlessly customizable comfort, our brand new interLACED wefts offer the length, volume, and quality you’ve come to expect from Laced Hair. There’s no need to debate between the coverage and convenience of machine sewn wefts or the lightweight feel and low profile of hand tied wefts! Made for those who refuse to settle for less, interLACED wefts’ versatility provides an easier installation process and overall improved extension experience, for stylists and clients alike. Feel free to cut the seam of the wefts, blend multiple colors, and build as much volume as your heart desires. 


Can you cut interLaced wefts?

  • Yes! They’re designed to be completely customizable to your client’s head shape and size!

How much hair comes in a pack?

  • InterLACED packs come with two separate 19” wefts, equivalent to our halfsies packs! We’ve made sure these wefts have the same luscious volume you’re used to, coming in at 56.5 grams for 18” and 59 grams for 22”.

Why a halfsies pack?

  • We’ve designed interLACED wefts to unleash your artistry in every way through customizing color blends and precise volume for your clients. Releasing them in our halfsies packs allows you to only buy exactly what you need to achieve your vision.

How does the coverage compare?

  • InterLACED wefts offer the best of both worlds, with the uniform coverage and durability of machine sewn wefts and the low profile of handtied wefts, allowing you to stack as many as you need for dependable, lightweight fullness.

What lengths will they be carried in?

  • We carry interLACED wefts in 18 and 22 inches, with more lengths to come!

What colors will they be carried in?

  • We carry interLACED wefts in our ten most popular colors - 1, 1B, 2, D4/8, 18/22, D8/60, R6/D8/60, R8/60, 60, & 32. Make sure you’re signed up for restock notifications HERE if your favorite color isn’t in this list! We’ve got more colors coming soon, and we don’t want you to miss it love!

Which hair types are these ideal for?

  • InterLACED wefts are great for clients of any hair type! As usual, extensions blend best on those with fine to medium thickness hair, shoulder length or longer!

Which method should these be applied with?

  • We recommend applying interLACED wefts in either our interLACED weft method, or our Beaded Weft 101 application method! Of course, they’re compatible with most weft application methods! Due to interLACED wefts’ low profile, up to 6 wefts can be applied per row for maximum volume!

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