The August Edit

The August Edit

Aug 4, 2022

Welcooome to August, the Sunday afternoon of the summer! While this month has the potential to be stressful with all the change in the air and summer coming to an end, we've got TONS going on to keep this month carefree✨

First and foremost, this month happens to be our favorite for a reason... Lacy's birthday is coming up the 22nd, and we have some BIG surprises planned, so stay tuned!🥳

We've also been keeping a secret... a huge one, and the countdown is on!! Our newest obsession, the interLACED weft, launches on the 15th! You're going to love this one - it builds on the very best qualities of both handtied and machine sewn wefts to create a maximum impact weft that installs like a dream☁️

Also, in case you forgot, we're still offering FREE shipping for all stylists for every order over $150 in our app, so don't miss out love!

TAURUS: This month, you'll go through a period of transformation! Try to be more open to change and embrace it, maybe with one of your new hair dreams!

GEMINI: This month is your time to step up and be a hero! Slick that hair back into a bun, and step up to the plate to accept your challenge!

CANCER: You can expect a popularity boost this month, along with increased energy levels, and a vitalized sense of self. Keep it classy, maybe with a #1B!

LEO: Have fun and remember to smile this month! Your goals are in reach, so try to let loose while progressing towards them, maybe with some relaxed beach waves!

VIRGO: Be mindful of who you invite into your circle this month babe, and take extra care of your locks by avoiding non-mineral sunscreens.

LIBRA: This month promises to be intense. #99J, #33, and #35 are your go-to shades to match your inner fire.

SCORPIO: The sun is in your house this month, lucky you! Don't forget to stay in the shade, and to protect your hair with a hat!

SAGITTARIUS: You'll feel a touch more sensitive this month than usual, and nostalgia might creep in. Don't forget that the best way to preserve your hair is to gently braid it before bed.

CAPRICORN: This month will bring a certain sweetness you've been missing! Keep it carefree with a half up, half down look!

AQUARIUS: You'll be in a compassionate and caring mood this month. Spread the love and refer your friends to your extension specialist, they deserve it!

PISCES: Carve out some time to develop a passion you love! Claw clips and scrunchies are amazing damage-free ways to keep your inches out of your way while working!

ARIES: August asks you to nurture your dreams and emotions. It might be time for some TLC, maybe a moisturizing hair mask or a splurge on some hair oil!

We've got some tickets left for a few of August's in-person extension certifications, and we want you there! Check them out below!🎟

8/1 Beaded Weft 101 | Toronto, ON

8/8 Beaded Weft 101 | Phoenix, AZ

8/14 Beaded Weft 101 | Grand Rapids, MI

8/21 Beaded Weft 101 | Syracuse, NY

8/28 Beaded Weft 101 | Fort Wayne, IN

8/29 Keratin & I-Tip 101 | Salt Lake City, UT

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