Online Education Includes Live One-on-One with an Educator

Online Education Includes Live One-on-One with an Educator

Mar 18, 2021

Did you know that any online academy course comes with a complimentary live one-on-one with a Laced educator? Here are two things you can do during the training that will optimize your one-on-one.


While on your live phone call with an educator, remember to get answers to questions you have about the course. Whether it is how to properly do a clothesline or how to sculpt correctly, your educator will know it all and be able to help you! The live one-on-one will be customizable to what you, as the student, needs.


Another reason why we have the one-on-ones in place is so the educator can officially certify in Laced Hair Extensions after you have completed the course. They will test your knowledge, but also help you get clarity on a few things before you are officially certified.

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