Go Lighter for the Spring with #LacedHair

Go Lighter for the Spring with #LacedHair

Mar 19, 2021

It’s time to transition from winter to spring hair! All you have to do to get that sun-kissed look is change up your #lacedhair color. Here are some options for three different colors on what their spring equivalent is.

1B - Dark Roast

One of our most popular dark browns is our 1B (dark roast). It is great for winter, but when it starts warming up outside, it’s sometimes nice to throw something lighter in it. Try our D1B/5 for our dark brown #lacedloves to get that sun-kissed look.


Calling all blondes who go darker for the winter! Try adding more light in your hair by changing your color to a 613.

D4/8 - Cappuccino 

Lighter brunettes, let’s go more bronde this spring! Try adding some OM3/8 to your hair for that lighter sun toned look.

To shop hair extensions for the spring, follow this link: https://lacedhair.com/pages/shop-choice

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