May Hairoscope

May Hairoscope

May 3, 2023

Your MAY Hairoscope is HERE!


This month seek enlightenment, by relaxing at the hair salon. Focus on meditating from the outside in. This will serve you in the future.


Be cautious this month. Be discerning about who you let into your world. Stay out of trouble by spending time in the salon making a change.

Appreciate the many ways you've grown this month. Work on designing a life you can't wait to wake up too. Start by getting your dream length at the salon.

Remember that one bad day, doesn't make the whole day bad. You will face setbacks. It will help to get rid of dead weight. Make a chop to your hair!

Throw yourself head first into your work this month. Grab chances, and don't hesitate. Grab a blowout in the salon to stay ready for all opportunity.

Sit with and be in tune with your emotions. Allow yourself to have fun this month. Make a fun change to your hair by making a big color change!

This month is for self-improvement, progress and advancement. Do things that make you feel confident–like adding some inches to your hair!

You will be brought blessings and opportunity. Appreciate those blessing by building new bonds. Get into the salon and strengthen your relationship with your stylist.

Hold onto to your moral compass. This will save you from pain/heartache. Do future you a favor and play nice. Keep it safe in the salon as well, go back your natural color.

Rely on your own ideas. Serve your own agenda and focus on you. Treat yourself with a deep conditioning treatment

Take space this month. Take time to adjust your behavior or it will result in loss. Book a hair appointment to spend time in your thoughts.

Explore this month. Whether it be related to your education, lifestyle or hair–try something totally new.

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