April Hairoscope

April Hairoscope

Apr 2, 2023

Your April Hairoscope is HERE!  


Aries Horoscope

You have some good news coming this month. Just trust your gut and intuition and everything will work out! Trust your gut and try something new with your hair!

Taurus Horoscope

As the start of your season begins, this is about to be an incredible month for you.You deserve all the attention. Treat yourself before your birthday, buy yourself some new extensions!

Gemini Horoscope

This is a big month of change for you. You need to be assertive and make sure these are changes you want. What better way to start a month of a change than a change to your hair! Try a new color or cut!

Cancer Horoscope

This month you're going to gain some newfound confidence. It's time to examine your sense of purpose. Get your hair done to start the month out feeling confident.

Leo Horoscope

Your sense of confidence & purpose has been restored this month. It's time to zone in and focus on what you want now. Try something you have always wanted to with your hair!

Virgo Horoscope

This month you need to rebalance your focus and really focus on you and self-care! Treat yourself! Go get a blowout or find a new haircare routine.

Libra Horoscope

You'll experience some transitions this month which can feel stressful. Don't let it! Do something nice for yourself this month! Book an appointment at the salon!

Scorpio Horoscope

You are powerful. Don't forget that this month because a lot will be happening! Put your hair in a powerful ponytail to help you feel like your confident self!

Sagittarius Horoscope

This is a month of new beginnings. Your self-starting attitude will help you thrive this month. New beginnings means new hair! Try a new cut or color to start this month out!

Capricorn Horoscope

You can sometimes be a workaholic. This month refocus on YOU and your hobbies. Treat yourself this month! Buy yourself some new hair!

Aquarius Horoscope

Take this month to embrace the change that's been happening. It all will work out! Embrace change and try something new with your hair!

Pisces Horoscope

You'll feel like a homebody for most of this month and that's okay. Take time to focus on yourself. Establish a haircare routine while you're spending time at home!

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