Laced Hair Matches Donations for Black Lives Matter

Laced Hair Matches Donations for Black Lives Matter

Jun 2, 2020

The time has come to stand together against the racism and police brutality in our country. Laced Hair believes in the Black Lives Matter movement and will do anything we can to show our support in this extremely important cause. It is time that bold action is made across the United States to combat the racism. We are proud to announce that,

All donations made at checkout on will be matched in their entirety and donated to the NAACP.

In addition, we have decided to silence our regular content schedule on social media so those whose voices should be heard, can be heard louder. We will be dedicating our stories to share resources and amplify the voice of the movement as much as we can.


Stay tuned for a full list of resources, organizations in need of donations and other ways you can help. 

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