Resources to Support Black Lives Matter

Resources to Support Black Lives Matter

Jun 3, 2020

The incident of police brutality that cost George Floyd's life broke the straw on the camels back of racism in America. It is time to stand up, stand together, and make a change in racism and police brutality.

At Laced Hair, we stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and will do as much as we can to do our part in amplifying this important message.

All donations made at checkout on will be matched in their entirety and donated to the NAACP.

Below is a list of all the resources you need for Black Lives Matter: 


Justice for George Floyd 


Justice for Breonna Taylor


Justice for Ahmaud Arbery


Justice for Dave McAtee


Justice for Tony McDade


Justice for Trayvon Martin


Justice for Tamir Rice


Protestor Safety Tips & Resources


Bail Fund Resources


Organizations to Donate To

  • Master List for Organization Donations:
  • BLM Fund:
  • Stream Here to Donate:
  • Black-Owned Businesses Destroyed Fund:
  • Youth on the Front Lines Funds for Protective Supplies:
  • Minneapolis Home Burnt Down Donations:
  • BLM Art Fund Commissions Donated:
  • Homeless Black Trans Woman Fund:

    Help Protestors

  • Shortcut for Emails to Demand Change:

    Mental Health Resources

    Ally Resources

  • BLM Ally Resources:
  • Black History Educational Content:
  • Anit-Racist Allyship Resources:
  • Anti-Racism Resources:
  • Anti-Racism Reading List: 

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