How Quarantine Habits are Affecting your Laced Hair

How Quarantine Habits are Affecting your Laced Hair

May 26, 2020

Hi Loves!

We have touched on the craziness of the world we live in due to COVID-19 and today we are going to talk about how quarantine can affect your Laced Hair. It is important to remember that Laced Hair Extensions are real human hair. Because extensions are not attached to your scalp, the maintenance requires extra TLC for your hair to look and feel the best. Below are some habits we noticed that have occurred during the pandemic, how it hurts your hair, and some tips. 

You may or may not still be spending A LOT of time at home. Which means, more time on the couch or in bed. Whether it is working from home, watching tv, napping, or reading, an access amount of time laying on your hair can cause it to matte down and tangle. Whenever you lay down for a long period, whether it is sleeping at night or lounging during the day, braid your laced hair and lay on a silk pillowcase. If you are spending most of your day in bed or on the couch (no judgment), remember to brush your hair (in between rows for wefts) before and after laying down.


Also, time at home can cause a lack of motivation in getting ready. If you wear your hair in a messy bun or ponytail too often, you will see negative effects in Laced Hair. Even though it seems like there is no point in getting ready, it will make a big difference in the longevity of your hair. We recommend to take your hair out of the messy up-do and give your hair a deep condition. Then, blow dry it thoroughly and add oil to the ends of your extensions. 

If you are taking a break from extensions during this time, Clip-In Extensions are a great way to still have long and beautiful hair when you want it. We also recommend still treating your natural hair with a lot of love when your extensions are temporarily out. That way, when you put them back in, your hair is at it's best!


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