Hand Tied vs Machine Sewn

Hand Tied vs Machine Sewn

Mar 27, 2019

People often wonder what the difference is between hand tied and machine sewn wefts. It's true that at first glance they may look quite similar, but there are some key differences between these methods. 


As you may have guessed from the name, hand tied extensions are different because they are literally tied by hand. 


Due to the way hand tied is made, it is unable to be cut. Cutting this type of weft can cause it to unravel. Machine sewn is created in a way where cutting can be done without issues. This is why our Laced By Hand wefts come in 8 pre-cut wefts so it is ready for use. Our machine sewn wefts however, they come in one big weft that can be cut to fit the exact length of the head. 


One perk of having a weft hand tied is that it can be thinner and more flexible. When it is thinner it can lay more flat against the head. More flexibility means when the hair is growing out there is less chance of odd puckering. 


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