5 Tips for Styling Your Salon

5 Tips for Styling Your Salon

Mar 31, 2019

Have you ever been to our Laced Hair Salon? It’s darling! People are always telling us they love the look of our salon. So we figured we’d show it to you all with a few tips on how you can achieve this level of style.

#1- Display Your Hair

Why hide your hair when you can display it proudly? Having your hair out on display is a great idea for two reasons- it adds some perfectly themed decor and it showcases one of your best services! We love the look of hanging them on our hangers arranged by color. It creates a beautiful hair rainbow.

hair on hangers in a salon

#2- Keep It Simple

Too much stuff is a great way to make your salon look cluttered and appear dirty. And let's be honest, we all want to have our hair done in a clean salon! Rather than have many medium to small items, try and stick to a few large items. We also love the simplicity of floating shelves! These provide a way to display/store items without taking up any floor space.

salon shampoo station with simple chairs and floating shelves

simple chair and large mirror in a salon

#3- Accent Pieces are Key

How do you keep it simple without it looking bland? Accent pieces! A brightly colored piece of furniture or a unique lighting fixture is a great way to add in focal points. This helps add some pop and pizazz to your salon. If you have a plain wall that needs some love, consider filling that space with a large photo or other type of wall art. 

bright colored furniture, large picture, and other accent items in a salon

unique salon lighting fixture with hanging bulbs

#4- A Little Sign Makes a Big Difference

Adding a sign is a great way to showcase your salon's personality! Depending on the saying and style of your sign you can let clients get to know you with the atmosphere. Some signs, like our neon "Love Your Hair" sign, can also provide a great spot in your salon for photos.

neon sign at a salon station on a plain wall

hair saying sign on a hanging shelf in a salon

#5- Living Things Add Life

I've heard it said that plants are good for your health. I'm gonna say they are also good for your salon! Adding a plant or two will help your salon to feel fresh and like home, a truly happy feeling for your clients. If you don't have a green thumb, that's okay. There are many plants, such as aloe and snake grass, that have easy care. Or there's always the fake plant route if you still struggle!

aloe plant on a floating shelf in a salon

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