Hand Tied vs. Machine Sewn: Benefits & Differences

Hand Tied vs. Machine Sewn: Benefits & Differences

Dec 16, 2020

Is your client looking for hair extensions but you don’t know which method is best for them? Here are some benefits & differences of Hand Tied vs. Machine Sewn.

Hand Tied

If your hair is fine or your scalp is sensitive, Hand Tied is the method to go with. It isn’t as hard on your scalp as Machine Sewn and works wonders with fine hair. Hand Tied is more lightweight than Machine Sewn and is designed to be layered. The installation is also quite intricate, so it usually takes longer than Machine Sewn.

Machine Sewn

Machine Sewn is easier to install than Hand Tied therefore, it takes less time to install. If your hair leans more to the coarse side, this method might be for you! It is great for immediate fullness added to your hair, but it is harder on your scalp & head than Hand Tied. 

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