12 Days of Laced Hair Giveaways

Dec 12 2020 13 Comments

'Twas the night before Laced Hair Christmas, and all throughout the Laced warehouse...It's that time of year again! Are you ready for the 12 days of Laced Hair Giveaways? We are! Follow along for a run down of what we're giving out each day!

On the First Day… (December 13th)

On the first day of Christmas, Laced Hair & Beach waver gave to me…

  • Beachwaver S1 Curling Iron
  • Make Waves Haircare Collection (Braid Balm, Shubie Surf Beach Spray, Good Vibes Shampoo and Conditioner)
  •  A full set of Laced Hair Waved Tape-In Extensions (choice of color)

On the Second Day… (December 14th)

On the second day of Christmas, Laced Academy gave to me…

A $50 gift card & an academy practice hair kit

On the Third Day… (December 15th)

On the third day of Christmas, Laced Hair gave to me…

A $50 Laced Hair gift card + a brush & comb set.

On the Fourth Day… (December 16th)

On the fourth day of Christmas, Laced Hair gave to me…

A set of 4 #lacedhair masks, a #lacedhair cape, scissors, + $50 gift card to Laced.

On the Fifth Day… (December 17th)

On the fifth day of Christmas, Laced Hair gave to me…

A $100 gift card to #lacedhair + a brush & comb set!

On the Sixth Day... (December 18th)

On the sixth day of Christmas, the Laced Hair Foundation gave to me…

I-Do Clip In Extensions for you & a friend.

On the Seventh Day… (December 19th)

On the seventh day of Christmas, Laced Hair gave to me…

A $150 gift card to #lacedhair + a pack of blonde halfsies (613).

On the Eighth Day… (December 20th)

On the eighth day of Christmas, Laced Hair & Gigi Pip gave to me…

A set of I-Do Clip-In Laced Hair Extensions or a $200 #lacedhair gift card and a $200 gift card to Gigi Pip.

On the Ninth Day… (December 21st)

On the ninth day of Christmas, Laced Academy gave to me...

An academy class, an ONLINE (coming soon) and in person class in any city (excluding advanced).

On the Tenth Day… (December 22nd)

On the tenth day of Christmas, Laced Hair gave to me A #lacedhair hat, mug, a $150 Laced gift card & a Starbucks gift card.

On the Eleventh Day… (December 23rd)

On the eleventh day of Christmas, Laced Hair & Hair Love gave to me…

A Plan to Win Planner from Hair Love (the #1 planner for a hairstylist) and an $100 gift card from Laced Hair.

On the Twelfth Day… (December 24th)

On the twelfth day of Christmas, Laced Hair gave to me…

A $500 gift card, a brush + comb set, #lacedhair mug & a starbucks gift card.

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Laced Hair Extensions is a premium 100% Remy Human Hair Extension brand founded by CEO, Lacy Gadegaard- West. Laced Hair offers Machine Sewn Wefts, Hand Tied Wefts, Tape-in Extensions, Clip-ins, Keratin Bond, I-Tip Extensions as well as hands on education via our Academy Training Courses.

If you are a Licensed Cosmetologist who would like to stand out and advance in your career, the Laced Hair Academy is for you! The Laced Hair Stylist Locator provides easy discoverability for our Laced Hair Certified Stylists across the nation. Our headquarters and Laced Hair Salon are located 30 minutes from Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah with educators located throughout the U.S and Canada.

The Laced Hair Foundation is our nonprofit organization founded by our founder and CEO, Lacy Gadegaard- West. It exists to empower women suffering from hair loss with confidence by providing extensions for its recipients at no charge. Whether you are looking for premium hair extensions or want to further your career by taking our education course, we welcome all our #lacedhairbabes with open arms in our inclusive culture and community. We are proud to have equipped thousands of women with confidence across the globe.

Follow us on social media @lacedhairextensions and @lacedhairfoundation for exclusive news and content!


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