Back to School Laced Hair Styles

Back to School Laced Hair Styles

Sep 8, 2020

It’s Monday morning, and your alarm goes off at 6. You drag yourself out of bed, dreading being awake. With little to no energy, you realize you want to dress to impress for your first day, but don’t have easy go-to hair dos. Here are some Back to School Laced Hair Dos that will make your morning go from dreadful to delightful.


Half up, half down top knot

You can never go wrong with this classic hairstyle. Brush your hair and then divide it into two sections. Next, bring half the hair up on the top of your head into a loose bun, and your good to go.

Any type of braid

Braids are a perfect go-to when getting ready for school. With so much variety, you can pick any type of braid in any type of location or quantity that matches your outfit. For an easy cute braid idea, try a regular braid on the side of your head and then spread the braid out to make it more voluminous.


A low bun

Last week, we posted on our @lacedhairextensions Instagram a tutorial on a fun low bun that would work perfect with our extensions and would be a quick classy hairstyle for school. Check out the video on our Instagram and let us know if you try it!

Low side pony with a scrunchie/hair scarf

This hairstyle is one of the easier ones on our list making it the perfect hairdo for a running late kind of day. If you ever wake up late, just roll out of bed, brush your hair, and then pull it off in a side low pony with a cute scrunchie or hair scarf.

Check out our Instagram pages, @lacedhairextensions and @lacedhairsalon, to find more hair-do inspo for your new school year!

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