Paige Horn | The Style Paige

Mar 28, 2016

This mega babe, Paige Horn, is the mind of The Style Paige. She created her blog “to help ladies get ideas on what to wear and how to wear it” and she killin’ it! We  love that she focuses on “instilling confidence to be uniquely YOU.” How incredible is that! She talked about LACEDHAIR in one of her blog posts and "looooves them." Paige, along with other people often worry about extensions looking fake, but not with LACEDHAIR. You’ll have long mermaid hair we always dreamed about. She has worn #33 Copper Red “Penny” + #1 blackest black.

She loves her extensions so much that she even made videos about them, including her opinion all about laced hair extensions (click here!) + how to put them in (click here!) We love hearing your feedback! Have you seen her videos yet?

Photography: Heather Armstrong Photography  (do yourself a favor and check out her website here and follow her @heatherarmstrongphotography on Instagram)


XO | Laced Hair Team

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