Laced Hair Keratin Bond Extensions Ruby Red
Laced Hair Keratin Bond Extensions Ruby Red

Ruby Red

  • Keratin Bond
  • Fantasy
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Keratin Bond

We’re about to let you in on Hollywood’s biggest secret: keratin bond extensions! This beautifully seamless extension adheres to natural hair in tiny sections for an effortless blend that lasts up to 5 MONTHS between services! Due to the individual application method, keratin bond extensions match natural density and movement and build both volume and length, all while remaining completely imperceptible.

Our Keratin Bond Extensions feature 20 strands per pack, intended to be blended with other colors to your heart’s content. Each bond can be trimmed down when needed, most commonly done on finer hair and face framing pieces.


  • Weight of hair per pack (approximate): 18” - 16 grams; 22” - 16 grams
  • Keratin Bond extensions last 3-5 months between maintenance
  • New extensions are recommended each application for best results


To preserve hair health, Laced Hair Extensions should be applied exclusively by a licensed hairstylist, preferably Laced certified. As always, Laced Hair Extensions are handcrafted from the highest quality, 100% pure human Remy hair.

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