Keratin 101
Keratin 101
Keratin 101
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Keratin 101


All Access Practice Kit Certification
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Immerse yourself in the world of keratin extensions and bring your clients the unmatched benefits this method has to offer: ultimate movement and blend, plus unlimited customization! This interactive online training will prepare you to hit the ground running with your new service, with a start-to-finish installation demonstration, including coaching on maximizing efficiency with an assistant. Throughout the course, educators will review the benefits and strategy behind keratin extensions, and how to determine the best approach for each client!

Educator: Lacy | @lacygadegaard

Each ticket includes everything you’ll need to install keratin extensions, a $150 gift card for hair, mannequin for practice, and bonus trainings in consultation, implementation, content creation, and social media!

Laced Hair Scrunchies (3-Pack)

Laced Hair Scrunchies (3-Pack)


Laced Hair Extension Clips

Extension Clips


Laced Cape



Laced Hair 2 in 1 Tool

Laced Hair 2 in 1


Laced Hair Tape-In Extension Organizer

Tape-In Extension Organizer


Laced Hair Wet-N-Dry Extension Safe Detangling Brush

Wet-N-Dry Extension Safe Detangling Brush


Laced Hair "Life is Short" Large Extension Safe Detangling Brush

"Life is Short"


Laced Hair Weaving Comb

Weaving Comb


Laced Hair Cutting Comb

Cutting Comb


Laced Hair Hanger



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