Your March Hairoscope is HERE

Your March Hairoscope is HERE

Mar 3, 2023

Find out what's in store for your sign this LUCKY month



We know Aries likes to party, but this March it is important for you to prioritize rest and rejuvenation. Head into the salon to get a deep wash and a fresh blowout.


This month you will experience joy and growth. Big changes are coming your way. Embrace the change! A bold move in the salon might be just what you need!


This month you will experience epic romances in relationships! Accept social opportunities or create them yourself by heading into the salon for blowouts with your friends!


Allow yourself to lounge at home this month, and you will find yourself thankful and grounded. Don't forget to let your creative side kick in at the salon!


March is going be very busy for you. Your romantic life/sexuality may be going through a transformation. Love yourself and your hair a little extra this month! Go get a deep conditioning treatment!


Keep a positive perspective this month. Stay grounded and present in all social settings. Take time for yourself! Spend that time in your local salon getting fresh hair extensions!


Learn to lower your emotional walls while staying cozy at home this month. You're craving something transformative! Transform your hair with some new 22" LACED HAIR extensions!


Embrace intensity this month and you will have great momentum in your work life. Work on your relationship with yourself. Go get your hair washed and styled at your local salon!


This month will stress you out. Handle them gracefully and calmly. Big changes are happening right now! Embrace that change by making a change to your hair too!


It is important for you to put effort into your work/life balance this month. If you do, you will see success. You may feel very stressed this month, it is vital for you to decompress at the salon.


March wants to remind you of the power of effective communication. Allow yourself to have downtime. Schedule your reinstall or root touch up!


This month is for whipping your life into spiritual shape. Connect with friends and remember how fun life can be! Prepare for fun by getting a fresh trim to clean up those ends!

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