Why You Should Get Certified in Tape-In Extensions

Why You Should Get Certified in Tape-In Extensions

Jan 15, 2021

Just like beaded wefts, it’s important to get certified in Tape-In Extensions as well. With our new online education launching soon, there will be a Tape-In online certification program. Here are 3 reasons why you should get certified in Tape-In Extensions once our online education launches.

Learn Ideal Placement for the Most Natural Look

Beaded wefts are much more difficult to learn but the placement is easier than Tape-In Extensions. This is because unlike wefts, tape-ins come in separate pieces instead of one long piece that can easily be broken up into rows. To learn the ideal placement, taking a tape-in certification course will help you learn exactly where to place each tape sandwich to blend perfectly with the natural hair.

Learn Optimal Method Blending 

Using multiple methods of extensions helps you cater to your individual client’s needs, as each client’s hair is completely unique. By learning how to use tape as a supplement to other methods, you’ll be able to ensure your clients leave your chair with a seamless, damage free look.

Network with Other Extension Specialists In Your Area

Each Laced Academy course gives you the opportunity to network with a national team of educators as well as stylists learning the same concepts! You’ll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you need, build relationships with other stylists, and grow your clientele through networking!

To stay updated on when online education will be launching, follow us on Instagram @lacedhairextensions.

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