Why Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions? CURRENTLY 14% OFF

Why Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions? CURRENTLY 14% OFF

Feb 10, 2020
Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions gives you the perfect hair for the perfect day!

Your Clip-In Extensions come ready to wear with the clips in place. Applying a full head of Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions takes just a few minutes to put in and take out! Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions come in 20 and 24 inches in black, blonde, brunette and red. 

Each clip-in extension adheres to the natural hair with silicone lined "pressure clips." These help keep the extensions in place and blend beautifully with natural hair. It has never been EASIER to add length and volume to your hair! 

Your hair extensions come with the CUTEST hanger, so you can safely store your hair for reuse. 

We interviewed a Laced Hair Extensions client, Mietra on why she loves her Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions. Below were her answers: 

Q: Why did you chose Laced Hair?

A: I wanted a brand that was created by women and designed for women who experience thin hair. It is important to me to have 100% premium human remy hair and Laced Hair is the best hair extensions brand I have tried!

Q: How do you feel when you apply your Laced Hair Extensions?

A: I feel so beautiful! The hair feels secure and I feel confident I can dance my night away without having to worry about my hair moving. When I have a special occasion, I want to add a "wow factor" to my look and sometimes new shoes or a new dress isn't giving me the confidence and excitement I am looking for. When I added Laced Hair Extensions to my look, everything changed. I feel like a show stopper.

Q: How do you take care of your extensions?

When I am finished using them, I brush them and apply hair oil to the ends. Then, I braid them and put them in their hanger and hang them in my closet away from all my clothes. Occasionally, I will wash them with a deep condition and blow dry them with a hydrating leave in conditioner.

Shop for your Laced Hair Clip-In Extensions before our 14% off Valentines Day Sale ends and experience perfect hair for the perfect day!


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