The "Why" Behind the Laced Hair Foundation

The "Why" Behind the Laced Hair Foundation

Oct 5, 2020

About one-third of women experience some kind of hair loss throughout their lifetime whether it be from health-related causes or natural causes. Medical hair loss can range from hormonal conditions, like PCOS to treatments for auto immune diseases to stress induced hair loss. That is why the Laced Hair Foundation is focused on giving those women that struggle with hair loss a reason to love their hair again.

According to Dr. Francis from Medical News Today, “For a women, the hair is the crown, a symbol of beauty/pride. It is typically what a woman identifies with as being feminine or attractive to a mate. If this starts to diminish, it can be devastating to a woman’s identity and self-esteem, especially when affected at an early age.”

Alopecia is a condition in which your hair will start to fall out in small patches, and 21 million women in the world currently struggle with it. The only FDA approved medication for alopecia causes unwanted side effects like extreme scalp irritation, fast heartbeat, rapid weight gain, chest pains and more.

Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and loved because they are beautiful and loved. With the Laced Hair Foundation, we hope to spread that feeling to all women. Donate to the Laced Hair foundation by following this link: 

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