The Difference Between Interlaced and Regular Tape-Ins

The Difference Between Interlaced and Regular Tape-Ins

Oct 25, 2020

Here at Laced, we have two different types of tape-in extensions. Ever wondered the difference between the two, so you can purchase correctly? These are the differences between Interlaced and regular tape-ins.

Pieces Per Pack

There is a certain amount of tape-ins in each pack. Interlaced has less pieces in the pack than regular tape-ins. Interlaced has 12 in the pack and regular has 20 pieces. Many people think that because the regular has more than that’s the pack you should always get, but that’s not always the case. Here are some reasons Interlaced is better and why it is different.

Location of Where to Put Tape-Ins

Interlaced tape-ins are almost invisible because of the way the top of the extension blends into the hair. Regular are more seeable if put towards the top of the hair because of the look of them at the top of the extension. This is why Interlaced is best for frontal pieces that might be seen at the root of the head. However, regular is best for fill-in pieces in the bottom rows, so they are hidden better.

Fine Hair vs. Thick Hair

Once again because Interlaced blends so well with the roots, it is best for those with more fine and thinner hair. If you tend to have thicker hair that can hide extensions better, regular tape-ins are best suited for you. 

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