Outdoor Hair Extension Care

Outdoor Hair Extension Care

May 31, 2019

As the weather warms up, who doesn't want to spend every hour outside? Summer's right around the corner! We are going to provide you with a few tips to keep your hair extensions healthy while enjoying the outdoors.

Before swimming, make sure you wet your hair before entering the ocean, lake, or pool. Braiding your hair with some conditioner will help create a barrier between your hair and chemicals found in water. This will help you to avoid any discoloration caused by salt and chlorine.

When putting on sunscreen, we recommend using vegan or all natural lotions and to avoid using aerosol sprays. When showering, remember to wash off all the sunscreen off your back before shampooing your hair.

Never forget to pack extension friendly products! It is important to wash your hair directly after swimming, and products with sulfate and paraben can damage your hair even more.

Once you are finished washing your hair, make it a priority to dry your hair correctly. When camping or spending a day at the beach, pack a cotton towel to squeeze and blot any excess water from your hair. Once dried, add leave-in conditioner to help you avoid tangled extensions.  




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