Live with Laced: Lacy Goes Live with Wendy Iles

Live with Laced: Lacy Goes Live with Wendy Iles

Apr 9, 2020

Iles Formula is on of our favorite hair lines. Their simple, clean and powerful ingredients are perfect for hair extensions! Both Lacy and Wendy have experience as celebrity hair stylists and started their brand in a very similar way. They were stylists with A list celebrities in their chair. Lacy saw an opportunity for premium hair extensions and Wendy saw an opportunity for amazing hair products. They now both have global brands that their clients are absolutely obsessed with. 


Wendy's passion for her products came through in this live video, giving in depth instructions and tips on how to use her products and for which hair types. Lacy added her insight as a hair extensions expert and how well Iles Formula works for extensions. They both shared very insightful thoughts about their experience and knowledge as celebrity hair stylists. In addition, the two women bursted with inspiration for hair stylists about this difficult time and how it will get better once we are out of confinement from COVID-19.

Watch Live with Laced featuring Lacy and Wendy on @lacedhairextensions on Instagram! Live is available for 24 hours after premier.

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