Lacy Featured in Medium

Lacy Featured in Medium

May 30, 2020

 Lacy was recently featured in an Authority Magazine article titled, "Unstoppable: How Lacy Gadegaard-West of Laced Hair Extensions Has Been Able To Thrive Despite an MS Diagnosis" that was posted to Medium.

Authority Magazine is devoted to sharing interesting “interview series” featuring people who are authorities in Business, Film, Sports, and Tech. They use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable and believe that good stories should feel beautiful to the mind, heart, and eyes.

Lacy discusses her backstory of starting her business, Laced Hair Extensions, how MS has affected her, and how she has continued to thrive despite her illness. She shares a vulnerable statement on dealing with Multiple Sclerosis. She quotes, "Just because I look fine doesn’t mean that I’m okay. MS is a neurological disease that doesn’t necessarily always change your face, and although I appear to be fine, most of my symptoms are completely internal. My body is being attacked from the inside out. It’s easy to tell when someone has a broken bone or obvious physical injury, but internal ones are just as painful and often go unnoticed or overlooked."


Lacy answers a series of questions about overcoming MS and what she wishes people knew about living with MS. Check out the full article HERE.

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