#LacedHair Clips Are Finally Here

#LacedHair Clips Are Finally Here

Jan 27, 2021

Ready to rep #lacedhair while clipping up clients hair? #LacedHair clips are finally here and ready for purchase!

Laced Hair extension clips are designed to grip the hair perfectly tight while applying extensions and will not leave dents or crimp marks in the hair, allowing for easier styling after extension application.

  • Rubberized non-slip grip
  • Expandable middle section
  • Rustproof stainless springs for a tight hold
  • Works on wet or dry hair
  • Textured fin on bottom clip for superior hold
  • Set of 4
To purchase your #lacedhair clips, follow this link: https://lacedhair.com/collections/tools/products/laced-hair-extension-clips-1

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