Laced Hair Selfie Tips

Laced Hair Selfie Tips

Jul 8, 2020

Who doesn't love a good selfie? Sometimes it is fun to dress up and get ready just to have an at home photoshoot! Especially if you are still in isolation. 

We love to feature the tagged selfies we receive on @lacedhairextensions, so here are five selfie tips!

1. Good lighting 

If your evening is quiet, take advantage of the golden hour and head outside with the sun against your face. Or stand by a window in your home. Soft lighting is easier to brighten rather than a high exposed lighting, which is a little more difficult to tone down. 

2. Self Timer Mode 

The self timer mode is a selfie game changer! This feature works with both the front and back camera. There is 3 second and 10 second modes, so play around with each one and see what works best! 

3. Hydrate your Lips 

Taking a selfie can feel vulnerable and get frustrating at times. You definitely don't need to be glammed up to take a beautiful photo of yourself! Hydrating your lips is the perfect finishing touch. One of our secret selfie tips is to hydrate your lips to help feel confident and polished.

4. Set the Tone 

Play your favorite music and turn your selfie space into. If you have plants spread around your house, gather them together in the background. Put your laundry in a different room, maybe rearrange some hanged art to switch up backgrounds from past photos. You can put everything back to where it was, but have some fun with rearranging and creating a fresh space! Who knows, maybe you will keep the arrangements how they are!


5. Flip your Hair 

Do a grand mermaid hair flip then snap away! Your hair will be at its best with volume.  

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