Laced Hair Mindfulness Tips During COVID-19

Laced Hair Mindfulness Tips During COVID-19

Mar 19, 2020

Laced Hair mindfulness tips during COVID-19

COVID-19, also known as the Corona Virus has changed lives all over the world. We recently sent out a message to our costumers about our actions of protocol during this troubling time, if you would like more details on the actions we are taking, please email One importance Laced Hair supports is proper hand washing, you can find more information here. We hope that our clients and customers can find comfort that our customer service, shipping and social media will remain normal with the addition of free shipping to Utah costumers to avoid in store pick-ups and encourage those to stay home. As well as  offering mindfulness tips to the Laced Hair Extensions social media page. Below are the mindfulness tips we have shared. 

Breathing Exercise

  •  Find a comfortable seat &close your eyes or have a soft gaze to the ground.
  • Notice the way your inhales and exhales are moving through your body. Simply invite in self awareness before changing anything. 
  • Once you have a connection to your breath, send your inhale all the way to your lower belly. Then, slowly and intentionally exhale through your mouth or nose.
  • Practice staying aware of your breath and intentionally taking deep belly breaths in and out.

Gratitude Exercise 

  • Turn your phone on do not disturb or silent mode.
  • Find a pen and paper or journal. 
  • Write out everything you are feeling and thinking without worrying about spelling or grammar. This is to give yourself space to see where you are currently at before jumping into a mental space of gratitude. 
  • Take 3 (or more) deep breaths then go to fresh page. Start to write what you are grateful for without having an expectation or judging yourself. Write as many things as you want and then take a few minutes to sit with this sense of gratitude.

Laced Hair believes in giving confidence to all of our costumers. At this time, we are prioritizing your confidence in us to provide clean and safe products while practicing clean and safe protocol at the Laced Hair Warehouse, Salon and Academy trainings. We are focused on tapping into creativity and continuing to provide you with flawless #lacedhair! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @lacedhairextensions for more!

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