Laced Hair Lengths: Your Guide to Customized Perfection

Laced Hair Lengths: Your Guide to Customized Perfection

Feb 5, 2024


In the world of hair extensions, one size does not fit all. Just like finding the perfect pair of jeans, achieving the ideal hair length is all about catering to your unique frame. In this blog, we explore the diverse lengths of Laced Hair and how you can customize your extensions for a flawless fit. So, let's dive in and discover why it's time to embrace the mantra that one size truly does not fit all.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

To emphasize the importance of a tailored approach, envision your hair length like a pair of jeans.

  • A long torso might make 18 inches feel like 16.

  • A short torso could make 20 inches feel like 22.

  • If you're petite, 25 inches might be your perfect 27.

It's a game of proportions, and luckily, Laced Hair offers a variety of lengths to suit every individual. Filter by length and shop all by clicking here!

Have your heart set on a particular method? Explore our length guide here.


Laced Hair Extensions Length Guide


Whether you're aiming for a subtle transformation with 14" tape-ins, instant drama with 20" clip-ins or dramatic flair with 30 inch interLACED wefts, our guide ensures you make an informed decision.

Custom Lengths for Your Dream Transformation

Are you yearning for 30 inches of hair drama? Customizing your Laced Hair extensions is the way to go. We LOVE working with you to make your custom-length dreams come true.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to order custom lengths:

Here's how to order custom lengths:

  • Plan Ahead: Crafting Perfection Takes Time: 2-4 Months.

  • Order in a Few Clicks: head to our Website or App and Chat.

  • Let Us Know Your Clients Desired Length, Color & Requested Turnaround Time.

  • Payment Upfront. 5% Markup for Custom Orders.

Tag us in your stunning and personalized look that will turn heads wherever you go. So, go ahead, make your hair dreams a reality with Laced Hair.

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