Laced Hair Length Options

Laced Hair Length Options

Jun 22, 2020

Hair extensions are great for added volume, fullness and length. It is a myth that hair extensions are only for those who want 24" hair. Lacy, Laced Hair CEO and Founder will wear her hair in many ways, including an adorable shoulder length bob. Even her short cut includes hair extensions for added fullness. 


Laced Hair offers methods and colors in 14,18, 20, 22 and 24 inches. If you buy 24inch hair and wear it for a while, try cutting it for a cute short look to make the hair last as long as possible. Then, when it is time for a new bag, you have long hair just like that! 

Shop all the Laced Hair varieties HERE!

Don't forget to tag us on Instagram @lacedhairextensions and let us know what length you like to rock!

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