Laced Hair Halloween Character Inspiration Series

Laced Hair Halloween Character Inspiration Series

Oct 21, 2020

Last week, we dove into different characters perfect for some Laced Hair Halloween inspiration. This week we’re going to go further into how to perfectly master the character that you choose including hairstyle and makeup tutorials.

Elle Woods 

For this Legally Blonde beauty, it is important to keep the eyeshadow bright and the hair curly. Here is a hair and makeup tutorial to help you ace the Elle Woods look. 


Teased hair and green streaks is what Beetlejuice is all about. Follow these links to find the perfect way to execute this fun character’s hair and makeup. 

Poetry Girl from the Goofy Movie

Cute, but sassy, the poetry girl from the Goofy Movie seems like a straight forward costume, but also requires some execution to get it right. Watch these tutorials to master this girl’s look and rock this Halloween. 

Morticia Adams

This pale, dark-haired beauty requires a lot of attention to detail if you want to slay her style this Halloween. Here are some tutorials that will help you perfectly recreate her hair and makeup. 

Let us know who you want to recreate in the comments below and check out more posts like this on our Instagram page, @lacedhairextensions.

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