Laced Hair Halloween Character Inspiration Series

Laced Hair Halloween Character Inspiration Series

Oct 14, 2020

Spooky, cutesy and crazy; whatever you decide to be for Halloween, we hope our Laced Hair is part of that costume. Halloween is only a couple weeks away, so here is some inspo on what you can be this year while utilizing your beautiful extensions. Each Wednesday until October 28th we will have a series of characters that go along with our Laced Hair color collection! Even those who put together a last minute costume will have options! 

Elle Woods

This Legally Blonde bombshell is a popular choice for a cute, but well-known Halloween costume. With our platinum hair color #60 or dimensional #18/22, you’ll look just like this blonde beauty.


For a more spooky costume, Beetlejuice is a popular choice that you can’t go wrong with. Our #32 (Ice) hair color would be perfect for this costume and our green tape ins could be a way to really get into character. We are also restocking our seafoam tape ins soon which would also be great to add to this creepier character.

Poetry Girl from the Goofy Movie

This red velvet haired beauty is a perfect costumer for those spunky girls out there. Our #99J color would be a perfect pairing for this cute character. 

Morticia Adams

This well-known Adams family member would be perfect for a fun Halloween party. The Laced Hair #1 (Black Noir) would help take your costumer from good to perfect. 


Stay tuned for next weeks character inspo! To start shopping extensions for Halloween, follow this link:

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