Laced 2019 Hair Trends

Laced 2019 Hair Trends

Jan 25, 2019

A new year brings new hair trends, and we couldn't be more excited! Here are our predictions of what the top hair trends will be for 2019. 


woman with blonde blunt bob haircut

Blunt Bobs

Current trends are all about the long bob and we predict that this year we will see this same trend with some variations. We anticipate the blunt bobs will grow in popularity over the next twelve months. (If you don't have the thickness for a blunt bob, a few tape in extensions can help create that look!)



woman with blonde hair styled in a top knot with hair accessory

Top Knots

2019 is going to be about that balance of looking messy and chic. One of the best ways to do this will be with some modern top knots! Can't wait to see the creativity that comes along with this trend. 



close up of blonde hair styled with a simple gold hair accessory


What better way to express yourself or complete a look than with the perfect accessory? In the coming year we will see hair accessories become a more popular item with both simplistic and bold looks.

Check out our post about some of our favorite hair accessories!



woman with ashy blonde hair extensions and hat


Towards the end of 2018 we saw a trend arising in the ashy platinum blondes (like our #32 Ice) and we are guessing this will continue into 2019. This looks is so new and stunning, there's no way this look will fade out anytime soon! 



woman with long straight blonde hair extensions

The Long, Straight Look

When we look at fashion trends we see a lot of inspiration coming from the 1970's and we think hair trends will follow suit! That long, straight, sleek look is going to make a major comeback this year. Fortunately with hair extensions this look is easy to create! 



up close long pink pastel hair


Yeah.... pastels aren't going anywhere. Too many possibilities left to explore! We expect to see a lot more amazing trends pop up with pastels. 



woman with big long brunette hair with lots of volume

Big, Retro Volume

2019 is going to be bigger and better! We expect big hair to make a big appearance in bold styles this year. So make sure you get yourself some extensions and a good can of hairspray. 

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