Kelly: A Laced Hair Foundation Recipient

Kelly: A Laced Hair Foundation Recipient

Nov 6, 2020

Do you know about our Laced Hair Foundation? Lacy Gadegaard West created the foundation in order to gift hair to women who have suffered from hair loss to restore their confidence and arm them to face whatever challenges come their way.

One of our recipients, Kelly, sat down with Laced to explain her situation and her experience with the foundation. Kelly is a 17 year breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed when she was 42 years old. When the doctor’s caught it, she was stage 3.

“My outlook was not very good,” Kelly said. “I went through 95 treatments. I had 8 chemos and 25 radiations.”

After she got chemo, she was told by her doctors that after 14 days, she would lose her hair, and she did.

“It was very traumatic to be going through everything with chemo and being sick and on top of that, you lose your hair,” Kelly said. “I felt very uncomfortable about that.”

After losing her hair, it took 8 months for it to start growing back. Still, it was about 6 months after that she felt comfortable going out without a wig or bandana.

“It really feels good to have the hair extensions,” Kelly explained. “It makes me feel like I want to have my picture taken.”

Kelly’s daughter was the one who nominated her for the foundation. She is very thankful for it because her daughter will be getting married soon, and she is glad she will have the hair for the event to feel confident.

“I would encourage anyone to have this experience,” Kelly said, “I’m really happy that I’ve done this.”

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