How to Use Purple Shampoo at Home

How to Use Purple Shampoo at Home

Jan 8, 2021

Ice, ice baby! Wanting an icier tone? Here’s how to use purple shampoo when you do not have extensions in.


Use Sulfate and Paraben Free Products

Make sure to use all sulfate and paraben free products. When someone first starts using purple shampoo on their natural hair, we recommend using it every other time you wash your hair. After that, adjust depending on the results.


Frequency of Usage

Some people use purple shampoo only once a week to avoid their hair getting brassy. If you are mostly blonde, let the purple shampoo sit for at least 5 minutes. This will give you that icy look you’re wanting. For those with darker hair and lighter highlights, you will want to try and use it where you have lightened your hair.


The longer you leave in the purple shampoo, the more icy your hair will be. Everybody’s hair is different and takes to the shampoo differently so make sure you try leaving it in for different times to see which one works best for you.


It is completely safe to use purple shampoo on hair extensions to lighten the tone for your client, however, if you are not a trained professional hairstylist, do not attempt to use on your hair extensions by yourself.


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