Host a Laced Hair Academy Training Course

Host a Laced Hair Academy Training Course

Apr 15, 2019

Is your salon looking to host a fun event, raise salon awareness, and get educated in various hair extensions methods?! If you answered yes, then it's time to host a Laced Hair Academy Training Course. 

When you host a Laced Hair Academy Training Course you'll be offering high education to your own stylists as well as others in the area. This is a great opportunity to showcase your salon and get networking. It will also bring a valuable skill into your salon. 

These hands-on trainings are far from being a boring lecture.  Our courses are an fun way to help stylists grow their business. 

Hosting with us also means you'll be exposed on our social media and raise more awareness for your salon! We also offer a class deal for our host salon. 

So if this sounds like something your salon is interested in, please send an email to with the subject line "Host Salon" to let them know you want to party with us!

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