Freebies, Gift Guides & Giveaways!

Freebies, Gift Guides & Giveaways!

Dec 5, 2023

'Tis the Season to unwrap Laced Hair with

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For the Hairstylists:

Treat yourself this holiday season and level up your hair extension game with our ALL THE THINGS BUNDLE. We created this all-in-one online interactive, efficient course to prepare you to hone your craft in becoming the go-to extensionist in your area! Wanting to treat yourself with a little less this year? Buy our Laced Hair COLOR COLLECTION. Newly relaunched with a brand new look! Showcasing a full 12" swatch of the Laced Hair colors.

(BeachWashed & Fantasy Colors sold separately)


For your Salon Staff:

There's no better way to let your staff know you appreciate them than with GIFTS! Can a stylist really have enough EXTENSION CLIPS ? Laced Hair extension clips are designed to grip the hair perfectly tight while applying extensions and will not leave dents or crimp marks in the hair. Our BEACHWASHED COLOR COLLECTION is the perfect addition to your stylist's kits! This jumbo 12" swatch contains all 5 Laced Hair x BeachWashed Preset colors:


For your Bestie:

What better way to let your bestie know you appreciate them than with some Laced Hair goodies! Give the gift of LACED with a GIFT CARD! It can be used on Hair, Education & Accessories! Choose your amount! Or give the gift everyone is dying for this year, our brand new ROLLER SET! Add mega-lift just where you need it, this 24-piece  roller set with 3 different roller sizes and 9 gentle clips is guaranteed to create tons of volume at the crown without the use of heat!



For your Clients:

Your clients deserve a little appreciation too! Give the gift of the Laced Hair LARGE DETANGLING BRUSH. Anti-Static, perfect for frizz-free styling. The longer, ball-tipped bristles help prevent stress on your hair and scalp while detangling! Or give the the gift of our Laced Hair SCRUNCHIES! Made from faux silk so they won't snag or crease. Set of 3 includes: 1 Black, 1 Blush & 1 Tan with a pouch to store them in.


 Mark your calendar for 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAYS!


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